Advice Winelancer Consultants

Become master on the business opportunity you work on

In order to work as efficient as possible, best way to work on an opportunity is to invest a bit of time to understand all aspects of a project. With good understanding of a project you will save time in all steps of a project. You will avoid to do wrong research and you will avoid to discuss wrong issues with the supplier side.

Work with a realistic time frame

Make sure to work with a good time frame and avoid to work in last minute. To work with a too short time frame generally result in lower efficiency in work.

Use project manager at if you or your supplier contacts have questions

If you have questions or concerns, make sure to speak with project leader in order to get answers. Ones you are ready to approach suppliers, make sure to always listen to the suppliers and the concerns they may have. If it is questions or concerns from suppliers, use project manager in order to get help.

Deliver 100% in order to reach high satisfaction rate

In order to work long-term with buyers and suppliers, it is crucial that you deliver 100% of your part in a project. The alcohol beverage industry is very small, even if it is very global and you will in pretty short time notice that you will build a powerful network, but also a network that easily is ruined if you do not deliver 100%.